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WHF-MT SERIES CNCWHF-MT SERIES CNC - Industrial CNC router. This is a beast at a fraction of the cost of other comparable cnc machines.

This router has our 4" roller hold down with a 1-1/2" aluminum tabletop and a 8"x8" tube frame steel and running 35mm linear rails.
MT CNC Specs

SANTA FE OPERA - Testimonial The CNC router table has changed the way we work. Everything we build is one-off, and sometimes quite odd—strange angles and forced perspective lines. We use the CNC not only to cut parts and pieces, but to make layout jigs and complicated moldings, cartouches and rosettes.... "Eric"

whf x series cncWHF-X SERIES CNC - Production CNC router. This is a Monster of a machine with our High end controller and AC Servos this machine is one to be proud of and show the other companies you are here to do business.

Our X or Xtreme series CNC units complete and ready to run. This cnc is made from large tube steel and is extremely heavy. go ahead hit it with a truck and watch it perform...
X CNC Specs

People get confused and ask us all the time can your machine cut this or that. The thing about CNC machines is they can all cut and do anything you want it to do. What you have to look at is how structurally sound is the machine as an example a truck will carry lumber in the bed however you might need to pull a trailer for more lumber, its the same principle about machines they will all move and cut and do the same thing the main thing is does it have the strength to cut or pull what you need it to do.

Let us take this guess work out for you. We have several engineers that constantly test and work with other manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that the unit you get will not only meet but exceed you demands.

CNC Worldwide - Clients We have built over 6,000 CNC machines in over 25 years and have machines all over the world. From cabinets to HVAC and wood working to signmaking and pipe manufacturing to surfboard and ice machines. We have built almost every type of machine you can think of.

List of brands we work with: Yaskawa, Fanuc, Fagor, Microsystems, Flashcut, Hiwin, CPC, THK, HSD, Dynomax and Columbo Spindle.

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